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House rules

A visit to an event at Cēsis Concert Hall is a special occasion for all of us. To help everyone let go of their everyday worries and embrace the exquisite experience that the artists wish to impart, we ask you to please respect the effort they have put into the performance and take note of a number of suggestions.

Before you purchase the tickets, please note the organiser of the event: only part of the events are organised by the Concert Hall, while the rest are projects by independent producers. The artistic and technical quality of an event is the responsibility of the organiser.

The following suggestions concern specifically events mounted by the Concert Hall; nevertheless, we would appreciate it if you would take them into consideration when attending other events as well:

  • The Concert Hall opens its doors to visitors an hour before the event, during which time they can view an art exhibition or enjoy some treats and a cup of coffee at the Concert Hall café;
  • We always do our best to start the event at the appointed time. The first warning bell rings 10 minutes and the second one ‒ 5 minutes before the beginning of the event; the third and final bell rings when it is just 2 minutes before the event. We do not admit spectators to the auditorium after the third warning bell. People looking for their seats in the dark can disturb both the artists and the rest of the audience. Under some exceptional circumstances, latecomers will be seated in the vacant seats (if available) in the balcony;
  • If you have purchased a ticket at a discount, you will be asked to present an ID document; failing that, you will have to pay the price difference;
  • Our front-of-house staff are always at your disposal. They will welcome you, guide you to your seat, resolve puzzling situations or problems that may arise and answer your questions; please do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary;
  • Please turn off your mobile phones and other devices before the event. We have probably all at some time witnessed an embarrassing moment of someone’s phone ringing during a concert or a theatre performance: it breaks the special bond between the artist and the audience. The light from the phone screens ‒ for instance, when reading text messages ‒ can also be a disruption for the artists;
  • Taking pictures of events and filming during concerts or film screenings without a prior permission from Cēsis Concert Hall are forbidden;
  • We suggest unwrapping your cough lozenges etc. before the event starts. We all know how loud and unpleasant the sound seems in the complete silence of the auditorium and how it must bother the rest of the audience;
  • You can obtain programme booklets or leaflets from ushers or at the Concert Hall ticket office. The booklets are sold both before the event and during the intermissions;
  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances are not admitted to the events;
  • Evening events organised by the Concert Hall are not intended for children of preschool age. We will be expecting the youngest of listeners at matinee events aimed specifically at this audience. For the convenience of visitors who have nevertheless arrived accompanied by children, our nursery is available where the little ones can spend time drawing and playing games under the supervision of caring babysitters while their parents enjoy a concert or a theatre performance. Children are admitted to certain evening events organised by independent producers. Please inquire about the rules at box offices selling tickets to the producers’ events;
  • On prior notice, special seats are available for visitors in wheelchairs and their attending persons. These tickets can be purchased exclusively at the Cēsis Concert Call ticket office, informing the ticket office attendant about a visitor using a wheelchair. The attendant will inform the event administrator, who will ensure availability of these seats. On your arrival, please approach the event administrator, who will then show you to your seats;
  • In our effort to support the creativity and vision of the artists while also considering the spectators’ comfort, we are always looking for the ideal layout of the stage and auditorium for each individual event. The order of numbering of the rows can therefore sometimes change, to which we ask you to please pay attention. Our ushers are always ready to help you resolve confusing situations;
  • If you wish to present flowers to the artists, please leave your bouquets with the cloakroom attendants, enclosing a note naming the addressee. Your flowers will be presented on the stage after the performance. If you would like to present the flowers yourself, you will have the opportunity to do so after the performance, from the area in front of the stage;
  • Considering the comfort of everybody attending a film screening, no snacks and other food items can be brought to the cinema auditorium.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you will enjoy your time at the Concert Hall!