About us

About us

Set in the midlands of Latvia, in Cēsis, a beautiful city steeped in nature and medieval ambience, CĒSIS Concert Hall is home to music and art. It is a place where culture, art, architecture and history, entwined in a conversation among themselves, meet human emotions, experiences and ability to listen and to see more than meets the eye. Through a diversity of music and art forms we encourage thinking, inquiring, empathising, feeling and finding new emotions and new energy outside of the mundane.

In its artistic approach and content creating, the Concert Hall is guided by three fundamental principles: EXCELLENCE, UNIQUENESS and CONTEMPORARINESS.

The content of the artistic programme of the Concert Hall embraces a variety of art forms, from concerts of symphonic, chamber, jazz and contemporary music, opera, ballet and drama performances, to multimedia and interdisciplinary art projects, film programmes and visual art exhibitions.

We offer the visitors of the Concert Hall a sophisticated and diverse high-quality programme of professional art that lends itself to showcasing the exceptional and unique acoustic properties of the wooden interior and invites the spectators to keep up with the latest global trends in the arts.

Our content making is orientated toward dynamic development and significant and rich creative collaboration with some of the most prominent Latvian, European and global artists and ensembles, consolidating the image of the Concert Hall, enhancing its reputation and raising its profile both in Latvia and abroad.

The hallmark of CĒSIS Concert Hall, both locally and internationally, is its two annual festivals; developed and hosted by the Concert Hall, CELLO CĒSIS, the only cello festival in the Baltic and Nordic countries, and APRIL OF PĒTERIS VASKS’ MUSIC Festival have earned high praise from music professionals, as well as considerable public acclaim.

The Cello Cēsis Festival has twice been awarded the EFFE Label, Europe’s quality label for arts festivals, while ‘Distant Light’, the closing concert of the first April of Pēteris Vasks’ Music Festival, was nominated for the Latvian Grand Music Award in the Concert of the Year category. During the summer season, the Concert Hall hosts the annual Weekend with Kremerata Baltica programme in association with the Kremerata Baltica orchestra founded by the world-famous violinist Gidon Kremer. The Concert Hall is also in close partnership with Cēsis Art Festival.

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