Guided tours

Apply: At least 1 daybefore the tour
Number of visitors: Starting from 10 visitors
Length: 1hour
Uzzināt vairāk: +371 64119921

Our guided tours will help you get acquainted with Cēsis Concert Hall both in a cultural historical and a contemporary context. Which is the spot where champagne bottles were immured in the walls of the building? Where can you touch a bison hide? Does the Concert Hall have its own ghost? These are just a few of the things you will learn during a tour. You will be free not just to walk the passages and view all the auditoriums but also visit the artists’ rooms backstage, normally closed for visitors attending events, see the stage from the spot-light vantage point and enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of the Cēsis rooftops.


Adults ‒ EUR 3

Schoolchildren, students, seniors ‒ EUR 1.5

Children of preschool age ‒ free of charge.

Groups of 20 and over ‒ a 10 % discount on the total amount.