JAZZ LOUNGE with quintet Papanosh (France)
28. April, Friday - 19:00, 2023

JAZZ LOUNGE with quintet Papanosh (France)

Organised by: Koncertzāle Cēsis

Quentin Ghomari, trumpet
Raphaël Quenehen saxophone, clarinet
Sébastien Palis piano, organ
Thibault Cellier, double bass
Jérémie Piazza, drums

Papanosh is a young quintet from French Normandy which colourful jazz sound embraces folk, popular music and improvisation. They have performed all over the World and have gained a strong reputation thanks to their exhilarating performances. Their new album “A Very Big Lunch” is inspired by Jim Harrison (1937-2016), the American writer best known for his novella Legends of the Fall, which has been adapted to film. Harrison’s vivacious stories, landscape and characters have inspired Papanosh to create new soundtracks.

"Pick five musicians among the France's best young jazzmen, bestow an encyclopedic musical knowledge on them then blend everything together and you'll get Papanosh.With significant space devoted to groove, rhythmic group improvisation and the history of jazz language, the Papanosh musicians bring a breath of freshness to the notion of Imaginary Folklore. Papanosh offers a music that is as explosive in its result as it is coherent in its conception: a music full of imaginative joy, improvised risk, tender smiles and sonic rapture." - Ludovic Florin, Jazzman, Jazz magazine.

The five members of Papanosh are part of the Rouen-based  collective Les Vibrants Défricheurs (‘the vibrant pioneers’). In the jazz world, each of them independently has collaborated with an enormous list of more and lesser known artists, including Marc Ribot, Mike Reed, Théo Ceccaldi, and Archie Shepp’s Attica Blues Orchestra. In Papanosh, all five members contribute original compositions, and each of them can take on the role of band leader. 




JAZZ LOUNGE with quintet Papanosh (France)