AWARENESS, a mono opera by Krists Auznieks (world premiere)
8. October, Sunday - 18:00

AWARENESS, a mono opera by Krists Auznieks (world premiere)

Organised by: Koncertzāle Cēsis

Krists Auznieks – idea, music, electronics, libretto

Katrīna Neiburga – art

Evija Vēbere – voice

Trio Art-i-Shock: Agnese Egliņa (piano), Guna Šnē (cello), Guntars Freibergs (percussion)

The Mindfulness monodrama is a person’s journey inside. It highlights the human experience, from the deepest structures of the physical body to the non-material states of the mind, and offers a trip where emotions come and go like ocean waves, creating a splendid landscape.

Krists Auznieks invites us to immerse ourselves into a soundscape represented not just by music but also the way of mindfulness expressed in the Pali language. In this soundscape, the ethereal voice of Evija Vēbere becomes a space containing all of us, because, as we all know, the stone that the builders rejected would become the cornerstone.

Embark on this journey through the labyrinths of the mind and discover this opportunity to experience something unique and truly inspiring. Take part in this otherworldly production of the first ever opera in Pali and join us in this transformative experience that exists between the domains of matter and consciousness.

The libretto of the opera is based on Satipatthana Sutra.